Food Product Development Centre

Sensory Analysis

The sensory properties of food are key factors to the success of new products in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Descriptive testing is one of the most comprehensive and informative tools used in sensory analysis. It can provide complete sensory descriptions of products, determine how ingredient or process changes affect product characteristics, and identify key sensory attributes that promote product acceptance. The Food Product Development Centre statistically evaluates the appearance, taste, aroma and texture of food and beverages using its expert taste panels. A panel of chefs is also available to evaluate a product using their unique culinary expertise.

The Centre’s sensory evaluation unit is based in the heart of Dublin city facilitating the recruitment of large numbers of consumers of all ages and profiles for Hall tests. Its research team can also organize trials on a nationwide basis as well as manage in-home product placement tests. They have a lot of experience in the recruitment and facilitation of tests involving children and young adults and are experienced in a wide range of consumer research tests. The research team have tested a wide range of products including: cream liqueurs, juices, potato products, pizzas, pies, pasta, breads, breakfast cereals, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, and snack foods. Our customers include: Glanbia, Van den Bergh Foods, UDV, etc etc?