Food Product Development Centre


Our Services

The Food Product Development Centre provides a comprehensive range of training programmes for the Irish food and drinks industry.

These programmes are run throughout the year and can be customised to your requirements.

With access to over 800 Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) lecturing staff, the Centre can provide training in many subject areas.

How can we help your business?

We provide regular one and two-day workshops.

Topics include:

  • Food product development
  • Introduction to microbiology
  • Food safety management
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Food legislation and labelling
  • Sensory analysis techniques

In consultation with food industry clients we also develop new and innovative courses in a variety of subject areas unique to this Centre.

These include:

  • Introduction to food marketing
  • Product styling techniques
  • Basic sauce preparation
  • Basic culinary techniques

Our team can prepare a training programme tailored to your business and particular requirements.

Customised Courses

We can develop training programmes to meet your individual needs utilising the expertise available to us throughout the DIT in areas such as:

  • food science and technology
  • new product development
  • process engineering
  • culinary skills
  • management
  • marketing and law

The training can take place in a location convenient to you and your employees. Each of our instructors is highly motivated and experienced. They understand the unique needs of adult learners and present material in ways that will help your employees learn quickly and effectively.

Customised courses can be scheduled into your company’s timetable. Whether it's midnight or mid-morning, we can work with you to provide high-quality training. Some of the topics / courses that we have developed for our clients include customer care, waiter service, introduction to cooking with meat and poultry products, seafood and sauce cookery, introduction to bakery techniques.

If a recognised qualification is important to your company, application for course accreditation can also be made. Courses can be designed to provide your staff with ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) weighting or with a "Certificate in Continuing Professional Development".

Food Safety

All food businesses must comply with hygiene regulations and have a HACCP-based food safety management system in place and staff training in this area is essential to ensure compliance with legislation. Our experts in food safety management, risk analysis and management and environmental health have many years of practical experience in dealing with the technical issues associated with food safety management.

We can provide training in:

  • Basic food hygiene
  • Introduction to HACCP
  • How to write a HACCP plan for catering operations
  • Introduction to food microbiology

Sensory Analysis

The use of sensory analysis techniques has been identified as an important tool in the product development, process improvement or market research areas.

Our sensory analysis training covers:

  • principles of sensory evaluation
  • how to set up and train your own panel in-house

The course will be of benefit to those involved in quality assurance, product development and marketing.

Culinary Courses

Consumers are always demanding more variety, quality and creativity in the food they are buying. In association with the Dublin Institute of Technology School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, we can design and present training in culinary skill development.